Inz-Eco Mosquito Trap™
  • Inz-Eco Mosquito Trap™

    • Designed as the ideal place for mosquitoes to lay eggs, with the ideal color, scent, and shape that minimizes internal air movement, and provides the perfect landing surface to lay eggs.
    • Inside coating slowly releases insecticides to kill both adult mosquitoes and immatures for more than 6 months
    • Protective grid to prevent human and animal contact with insecticides
    • Natural leaf infusion sachet providing food source for the larvae and to create the ideal breeding ground


    Preparing Inz-ECO Mosquito Traps

    1. Remove Mosquito Traps from Packaging (2 Traps per Box)
    2. Fill Mosquito Trap with room temperature tap water until full. *The spout regulator will indicate when full.
    3. That’s It! You are now ready to place the traps Outdoors.
    4. Placing Mosquito Traps Place a minimum of Two (2) Mosquito Traps in Outdoor, shady, wind protected area 30 feet apart.


    Install on the ground over a flat surface or hang from a tree or other structure. *Ensure Traps are always maintained in upright position.


    Ideal Areas of Placement for Traps


    • Underneath a Tree, on the Ground or Hanging from a shaded branch
    • Near Shrubs or Hedges
    • On the Corners of Outdoor Porches
    • Beneath Garden Sinks or Fountains
    • Out of Reach from Pets and Children


    Areas of Placement to AVOID


    • Direct Sunlight
    • Heated Surfaces such as concrete, brick, asphalt pavements, and others.


    Coverage of Traps

    Each Trap covers roughly 300 Sq Meters / 3,000 Sq Feet. We recommend 4 Traps for every 1⁄4 Acre. Maintaining Mosquito Trap with Water The ONLY Maintenance required is to periodically check the trap contains water. If there is no water present, refill with water. Traps will remain effective with minimal amounts of water.


    Once properly installed, Traps will begin working immediately and continuously for 3 Months. Trap design is ideal for mosquito population growth prevention. Most effective with installation early in the season. Mosquito population visibly reduced within one week from deployment and continued population control for 3 months.


    *Traps Require Water to be Effective.

    • Benefits

      • Attracts egg-laying females with its color, shape and scent
      • 97% of adults that land on the internal surface die
      • 100% of larvae die
      • Effective for 6+ months